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I have 4 or 5 hikers leaving on the 14th or 15th of april - I know very little about the trail north of emory pass but if the trails you will take will take you through the mimbres you can mail a box to julie one of our best trail angels in NM - I'm thinking that you would start your hiway 15 road walk at julie's - actually, all of us are good lol I will contact a person I know in the black range that works for the USFS and whatever he says I will forward to here
FYI - as of today we have 18 nobo's from columbus
julies email address is above with cdt
el coyote
Deming, NM

Deming, NM

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You're not alone - I'm sure most of us NOBOs are faced with the same
uestion. In my case, my immediate concern is whether to send a resupply box
o Doc Campbell's and risk having to backtrack south to re-join the trail,
r use an alternate resupply strategy.
I've pretty much written off hiking the Lower Gila due to high-water
xpectations, but still have hopes of hiking the Middle Fork, north of the
onfluence. My present plan is to get to Gila Hot Springs / Doc Campbell's
ia one of the Wolf alternates mentioned at the beginning Gila Wilderness
egment Section 2. After picking up my box at Doc Campbell's, I can then,
opefully, slosh my way up the Middle Fork to Snow Lake, then on to Pie
own. If not (if Middle Fork is too high), I will have to figure out the
est way to get over to FR150, then up to Pie Town. 
I presently don't have plans to take the Black Range route as an alternate.
owever, if I ran into another hiker who knew a lot more than I do about
hat route, I will be taking maps and might be tempted.
I would also appreciate any feedback on my above thoughts and assumptions. 
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I'm planning on a NOBO thru-hike starting mid-April and I'd sure like 
ome advice ...

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