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Agreeing with the first part of Trekker's post, this is what I sent a friend
3 weeks ago:


If taking Jonathan Ley's route, there actually is a nice escape route for
you if you get to the lower Gila, at the confluence of the Gila and Sapillo
Creek, and find it uncomfortably high.  I noted from the maps last year that
just as you reach Sapillo Creek (after descending the ridge between Snow
Creek and Corral Canyon and just before turning left along Sapillo Creek to
reach the lower Gila in a few yards) there is a side trail (Tr 247 on the
East Half Gila Wilderness map) that runs to your right approx. 6 miles over
to NM 15, the road from Silver City to the Cliff Dwellings.  Tr 247 goes
east in a "straighter" line than the creek does and comes out on the road
just a few yards south of where NM 15 crosses Sapillo Creek.  


If you want to check on the water level by phone from Silver City, Paul at
Doc Campbell's Post would know about the stream flow for the Gila.


Dr Bob


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    N of Silver City, on the JLey route, you can hike to Sapillo Creek, and
cross it hopefully just above it's confluence with the Gila; I'd check with
the Rangers on that creek ford first (It runs from the E, and isn't too high
an elevation as I recall.). From there hike about 5 mi E on the ????? Trail,
then hike N about 15 mi on NM-15 to Gila Hot Springs. This avoids the
"lower" Gila.      

    Supposedly the Middle Fork Gila may be more passable, but check w/the
Rangers. I'm going to bail out at Silver City; I don't want to miss the Gila
or Middle Gila, nor do I want to get up into the Gila Hot Springs/Cliff
Dwellings area and have to hitch back to Silver City where my car will be;
that's a hard hitch on a 25 mph road. Instead, I'll drive over to the AZT
for a S Terminus start and hike to Oracle. Then I have to drive to KS for a
1 May wedding. 

    After it I'll return to the CDT preferably , if the "lower" Gila is
passable, or the AZT if not. I'll hike to Superior or Phoenix, and then take
a break for part of Jun. In Jul I'll drive to MT and start the CDT from
Canada for a month, and then drive to WA to finish the PCT from Trout Lake
WA to Canada in Aug. 

    Hell of a complicated summer, but the El Nino snows in NM and the
wedding have made it more complicated; otherwise I'd have just hiked the CDT
to Cumbres Pass. If I can give anyone a ride in all that mess, let me know.


Bob "Trekker"
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Naturalized Citizen - Republic of Texas

"Government cripples you, then hands you a crutch and says, 'See, if it
wasn't for us, you couldn't walk.' " -- Harry Browne

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when its free." -- P J O'Rourke


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I have 4 or 5 hikers leaving on the 14th or 15th of april - I know very
little about the trail north of emory pass but if the trails you will take
will take you through the mimbres you can mail a box to julie one of our
best trail angels in NM - I'm thinking that you would start your hiway 15
road walk at julie's - actually, all of us are good lol I will contact a
person I know in the black range that works for the USFS and whatever he
says I will forward to here

FYI - as of today we have 18 nobo's from columbus

julies email address is above with cdt
el coyote


Deming, NM

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