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Fri Mar 19 17:53:41 CDT 2010

Just talked to Silver City office of Gila NF, and Cliff Dwellings office:  
the Gila & Middle Gila are running swift, high, and cold; nights are still  
going down below 20 in the Gilas. Both offices are telling people to stay 
out of  those canyons, and expect to do so through April. 
For me it's Crazy Cook to Silver City, then over to the AZT. Why Not,  
Jellybean, and others have already been over the shoulder of Miller Peak,  7 mi 
from the Border, In about 4 weeks I'd guess any snow  problems will be gone 
in AZ. I'd also guess temps might stay slightly cooler  than normal, for 
comfortable hiking. 
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costs when its  free." -- P J O'Rourke

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