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As you said "marked". I found last year from crazy cook the  first day its OK. As you come out of Sheridan Canyon the trail makes a sharp left and goes along the the Big Hatchets. The junction a few hikers missed it. If you you do  no big deal as you can go down to the BLM water box ( Sam puts water in it) and walk the road. The route ( no trail on ground) along the Big Hatchets is marked by wooded posts. Unless they fixed this  I found about 85%+ were on the ground. I ended up following the old flagging tape. Once across NM 81 ( another BLM water box and Sam used to put water in it) it goes back to Metal signs. Beware the route  makes left or right hand turns so try to always find the next one. It seemed to me the farther from the boarder you got the farther apart the signs got. I mean at times really far apart to the point of not seeing them. The route is kind of silly  as the signs went right thru a stock holding area. Of course I found some pulled up. You will have to figure out your best way over the barbered wire fences. South of Lordsburg I lost the trail all together. I ended up using gps way points of different water sources from Jim and Ginnie Owens website till I came across the trail. North of Lordsburg  you will see a post then the signs all together disappear for a while. Another hiker called the BLM later to tell them and all they would say is they are up. FYI we meet a few folk from Silver City & Lordsburg area and they all said the same thing. They don't really want they trail in the Lordsburg area for different reasons. They would rather it go back to the east were it was. 
Sam is a great. He has endless stories and if in the right mood he can entertain you for a long time. I would make SURE you call him a few times to remind him of the day/place  that you want to be picked up.  Good Luck Special K


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Just got off the phone w/Mike Bailey in the Las  Cruces BLM office; he's 
apparently the CDT guy for the Las Cruces district. The  official route is 
"marked"(my quotes) all the way from Crazy Cook to Silver  City. The route from 
Lordsburg to the Burro Mtns is being  resigned right now, and should be 
done with a week or less; that  eliminates quite a bit of road walking, and 
eliminates some  confusion. 
    The markings are both large, white signs on steel  posts, and carsonite 
posts. JLey, as I abbreviate him, has redone a  lot of his NM maps, 30-40 
of them, so some of the confusion has been eliminated.  Thanks, Jonathan! 
Donate heavily if  you get his "free" map CD!

Talked to Sam Hughes in Hachita a couple days ago; his shuttle fm Hachita  
to Crazy Cook is $90 this year. Just budget that as $100 with a 11%  tip. 
That's a good price for 6 hrs of his time, gasoline, and a hell of a  lot of 
wear and tear on his vehicle. He'll pick you up in Lordsburg, Deming, and  
other places also.

Bob  "Trekker"
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"Government cripples you, then hands you a crutch and says,  'See, if it 
wasn't for us, you couldn't walk.' " -- Harry Browne

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costs when its  free." -- P J O'Rourke

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