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Where on the Gila were they? I've been getting a lot of conflicting info on this. I called the ranger just now and she said they are waist high up the middle fork, but said people are going up there still with only some difficulty, but yes it will get worse regardless. I checked the water data web site for the Gila (http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nm/nwis/rt) and it dose appear that the water levels are very high in places, but it looks like the sensors might be on larger parts of the river further down? Luckily when we go up for a few nights around April 10th or so, I can adjust my trip if the water levels are to high. About four of us are going to go and we will probably do a trip report on backpackinglight.com. I'll still post something to this list once I get back.




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two locals tried to ford the gila this last weekend and after 2 attempts and almost being swept away they called it quits - not a good time to be near the gila - call the ranger station anywhere near the gila's and they will tell you how dangerous it is now and it will get worse


el coyote
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Hello all,
I was just wondering what peoples start dates where for this year on the CDT on the southern end. My parents live in Las Cruces, NM and I will be down there from the 2nd of April to the 20th. I will be there before my hike on the PCT. I wasn't sure but maybe stashing some goodies some place in the middle of the desert. Also I am going to be doing a short trip up the middle fork of the Gila at the begging of the second week of April. I know snow there this year was kinda crazy and there are a ton of fords up the middle Fork Trail. I'll shoot a report of how deep they were when I get back.
Ryan Bozzell

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