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Sam Hughes:  

I highly recommend Sam and the CC route.  You will probably want him to pick you up at Demming or Lordsburg (last public transit)  So, he will be well over $100 and you will want to pair or triple up to cut costs.  


The signage was good in 2008 all the way to Silver City.  


>From Silver City, we followed Boston and Cubby's route past the Monistary.  


They have now finished building, so there is a big private land issue.  So, you should get good local info or use the public trailhead, which was described in a post a couple days ago.  


I used the Military trail described by Boston and Cubby, and the earlier post.  (Before I started the militaary trail, I walked an extra hour down the paved road to get water at the campground.  This was one of the longer and most recommended side trips to water on the trail.)  I had a problem at the tank (intersection with the Apache Trial) because I didn't write the description or have a good map.  


B&C were very early, and took the high route from Doc Campbells.  You should probably note the route, but try to get to Jordan hot springs.  The Little Bear alternate was very nice and dry.  



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> Just got off the phone w/Mike Bailey in the Las Cruces BLM office; he's 
> apparently the CDT guy for the Las Cruces district. The official route is 
> "marked"(my quotes) all the way from Crazy Cook to Silver City. The route from 
> Lordsburg to the Burro Mtns is being resigned right now, and should be 
> done with a week or less; that eliminates quite a bit of road walking, and 
> eliminates some confusion. 
> The markings are both large, white signs on steel posts, and carsonite 
> posts. JLey, as I abbreviate him, has redone a lot of his NM maps, 30-40 
> of them, so some of the confusion has been eliminated. Thanks, Jonathan! 
> Donate heavily if you get his "free" map CD!
> Talked to Sam Hughes in Hachita a couple days ago; his shuttle fm Hachita 
> to Crazy Cook is $90 this year. Just budget that as $100 with a 11% tip. 
> That's a good price for 6 hrs of his time, gasoline, and a hell of a lot of 
> wear and tear on his vehicle. He'll pick you up in Lordsburg, Deming, and 
> other places also.
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