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Jack Richardson jackrichardson at roadrunner.com
Sun Mar 28 06:19:07 CDT 2010


So, Ken and my work around might work if I bring a XXX with the  
application and tracks; then delete the old tracks on the GPS unit and  
load the new ones.

I am no expert with GPS, map, compass and orienteering. So the more  
info I have the better I feel but that may be a false feeling. I will  
be as diligent as possible to reduce the "getting lost" situation.

I do have GPS Babel but haven't used it I will also take the advice  
try to reduce the points on the tracks.


On Mar 27, 2010, at 11:21 PM, Frank Gilliland wrote:

> Yep there is quite the issue when it comes to using existing GPS  
> units and being a long distance hiker.  The Vista does have it's  
> limits for track and waypoint storage.  The SD card is used  
> primarily for map access.  The SD card however store a "Truck" load  
> of converted waypoints into POI points.  Whereas the waypoint file  
> can only hold 500 or 1000points (depending on the model).  You can  
> store thousands of POI points.  See the Garmin site for a POI  
> converter or use GPS Babel.
> Also, you need to have a computer running the Garmin software and  
> the track file loaded in the program to upload to a Garmin.
> I understand that the new DeLorme units are going to allow gpx file  
> access via the SD cards.  This could be really cool in that you can  
> load up a card for each state with tons of info and room to spare.   
> The new unit coming out this spring looks interesting and pricy!
> I have a very large POI file if anyone would like it.  I also have  
> the Crazy Cook route in both .gpx and the Garmin format.  Just email  
> me off list.
> I also broke the Ley file into separate files of no more than 500  
> points each.  This was more than OK for finding ones self......The  
> VERY LARGE "Out of Order" files require loading them into a Dakota  
> or Oregon series.  Now the Oregon and Dakota series does allow many  
> more track files, but at a price$.
> Now as for custom maps!  Well that is a very strange and complicated  
> topic.  If any one can figure it out and send me the track files  
> converted into custom maps.....I will buy you a really good Colorado  
> Ale.
> Frank "StarMan" Gilliland
> *********************************
> It is a major limitation of the Vista HCx. The limit is 20 tracks. I
> dont yet know any way around this , even using SD cards.
> I loaded all of CDT for Colorado last year. I used the Ley kmz file
> (reduced to around 6000 points) then split the file into 12 tracks of
> 500 points. You get a better result if you get GPS Visualiser to
> compress the tracks, it takes out redundant points that are too close
> together of for straight sections. So for the same number of points
> you get more trail.
> I used the remaining saved trails for things like alternates.
> The SD card seems to mainly be used for storing maps and for keeping
> a tracklog each day. I dont know why the main GPS cannot use and
> access the extra memory to store larger tracks. I believe Starman is
> experimenting with using "custom maps" to store more trails but I am
> not sure how far you can get with this on the Vista?
> Perhaps some Garmin expert can tell us more.
> I know, I know, you don't need a GPS to hike the CDT. But I am taking
> mine again this year so it must be worth the extra weight.
> best regards
> Aussie Dave
> Canberra Australia.
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