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Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
Mon Mar 29 22:43:35 CDT 2010

You'd think they would have some kind of morning meeting and it'd come 
up. Or, there would be some chatter over the radio or something. Anyway, 
I guess it doesn't matter... even if they know there are hikers out 
there, they'd still have to come check you out to verify who you are. I 
did meet at least one BP who knew all about hikers, and asked me a bunch 
of questions (he couldn't grasp why anyone would want to hike the CDT... 
poor guy).

Frank Gilliland wrote:
> Yep, I called, they didn't want any information from me, I offered my 
> name and what I looked like and even tried to tell them what shoes I 
> would be leaving tracks with, I got a thankx for calling and "click".
> Then on my 2nd nite from Crazy Cook, at 2 am two Border Patrol 
> Officers with flood lights on full blast, drove full speed up to my 
> tent (along the well marked trail) interviewing me as if I was doing 
> something wrong.  They kept asking what I was doing.  I kept pointing 
> to the CDT sign and said "I was hiking the CDT and was camping here 
> along the trail".
> Strange that they had no knowledge of the trail even though they were 
> "driving" on it with reflective signs every few hundred feet!
> They concluded their visit by saying "don't do anything illegal"
> Don't get me wrong, I respect the hard job that the Border Patrol 
> does.  But, I felt like a crook in my own Country.
> Just remember be very polite and keep answers short with "No Sir" and 
> "Yes Sir".  And as advised earlier, this is not the section of trail 
> to be carrying any kind of questionable substances!
> Oh, I also had two low fly "bys" by helicopters, I just waived.....
> The trail was fun to walk, and despite the 2am visit, I will defiantly 
> walk it again!!!!
> StarMan
> *****************
> I used to contact the BP about hikers in the area so when I would run into one (a BP) I would ask them if they had heard about the hikers - they said no - there is no communication between BP higher echelon and the grunts in the field - don't waste your time - they will know you are in the area by the new footprints they find - 
> el coyote
> Keith
> Deming, NM
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