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That, and the fact that there are NO Grizzlies in the Sierra. But hey, it makes a good story and you look brave and fearless in their uneducated eyes..........or insanely foolish for venturing out into the wilderness without a 105 mm howitzer in tow.

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  Nobody has to worry about Grizzlies this year. If they are gonna eat anyone.. It will be me.
  I have hiked solo for years in the Sierra and all my family, friends, etc always ask me how come I am not afraid. I always go into this long explaination about how they are carnivores by design yet herbivores by habitat.. Now I have them all convinced I am some kinda "Bear whisperer".
  Of course it is total BS. On my part.. Therefore,
  If anyone gets chewed this year it will be me.. Karma.  LOL!

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