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for those of you doing the columbus route you can always mail stuff to our house and we will hold it for you

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Matthew & Patrick,

Again, I'll preface this by saying EVERYONE has an opinion about water treatment. ?There is no correct answer. ?The important part is that you're doing something to protect yourself.

1) One bottle of polar pure lasts 2000 liters - more than enough for a thru-hike. ?No need to "stock up." ?This also makes it one of the cheapest options around.
2) One advantage of iodine (over filters and chlorine) is that it kills virus, bacteria, and protozoa. ?Neither filters, or chlorine kills all three.
3) Polar Pure comes in an obnoxiously heavy glass bottle. ?And you must let the water inside it sit for one hour to saturate. ?So it basically weighs around 6oz all the time. ?(More than Aqua Mira). ?But at least it's very small.
4) Iodine definitely has a taste to it. ?Polar Pure is better than iodine pills, but you can certainly taste it. ?Personally, I get used to it after about two days.
5) I always boil my water for cooking, so that I don't have to use Polar Pure for *all* my liquids. ?I don't want my food to taste like iodine too!
6) You can order Polar Pure over the Internet. ?If they won't ship to CA, then have it shipped general delivery to NM.?
7) Pick whatever water treatment system works for you, but do pick something!

Dylan Carlson
CDT nobo 2009


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Thanks for the info Dylan. I keep having this back and forth argument with myself regarding my filter. The MSR Pro is nearly a pound when it's packed away wet after use. Lot's of folks just used Aqua Mira on the PCT last year.
I like the idea of Polar Pure being lighter, more concentrated and not chlorine based. Unfortunately they won't sell Polar Pure to us in the "Peoples Republic Of California" (PUN Intended).
I had to fight the urge to buy the entire stock of Polar Pure from a store in Washington last year!
Anyhow, I am guessing you used a bandana as a prefilter and treated with Polar Pure and added Crystal Light etc.
I sure like the simplicity and much lighter weight of that strategy.. Psst.. Anyone know where to get the "contraband" Polar Pure in CA?
PS. Oh Yea.. They don't let us buy sil-nylon tents in CA either. I feel so safe and protected here in Cali! ;)

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Polar Pure is available on the internet, Ice Axe -- But make sure you try some before you settle on it as your chemical treatment. If you think chlorine tests bad, wait until you try iodine-based water treatments. I tried to use polar pure on the PCT in 2008 and the first time I had to use it I immediately regretted buying it. However, not everyone (but many) shares my intense distaste for iodine.

Here's a link to amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Polar-Pure-Water-Disinfectant/dp/B00068M3HY

I also just noticed this, randomly, while getting that link for you:


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