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I have been using Aqua Mira for years and have never been able to taste it
in my water. However, I was hiking with my brother a few years back who
after using some of my Aqua Mira could taste it in his water. I tried a sip
and sure enough there was a chlorine taste. I finally figured out that since
he was using a wide-mouth Nalgene bottle, we were actually smelling the gas
effervescing from the water. To prove my guess, I kept the top off the
bottle for a minute, and sure enough the chlorine taste went away. Since I
never use a wide-mouth bottle myself, my nose is never exposed to the
effervescing gas, and that is evidently why I don't taste it.


Now I'm waiting for Brooks to say that she wasn't using a wide-mouth bottle,
making my whole theory sound foolish!




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I love Polar Pur. On the AT someone convinced me to try AquaMira and I
almost puked. It was the worst week until I got back to my bounce box. Now I
only take Polar Pur wherever I go, unless the source is really mucky and
I'll take a pump in case. 

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