[Cdt-l] Iodine water treatment

Bob BobandShell97 at verizon.net
Tue Mar 30 12:58:36 CDT 2010

Something to ponder:   


For several years, Potable Aqua (iodine tablets) has said on the bottle that
iodine is ineffective against cryptosporidium.   Google "Iodine vs
cryptosporidium" or however you want to word it.  I stopped checking after
the first two entries, below.


http://www.outdoorsafe.com/safewater.htm     "Iodine is NOT an effective
halogen when Cryptosporidium is present in the water."

"Using two different challenge waters and excystation to evaluate
infectivity, Gerba et al.3 reported that iodine tablets inactivated only 10%
of the oocysts tested given a 20-minute exposure and approximately 70% given
a 240-minute exposure time."


There may be more recent research to the contrary, but it is something to be
aware of.     Iodine seems effective against everything else.


Dr Bob 

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