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you're not going to believe this but I can't find sam's info - maybe others on here has it

el coyote
Deming, NM

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Hi Keith,
After a a full day of interesting (but painful) experiences, i have decided that New Mexico is not the state to try and hitch hike in.  Could you send me Sam Hughes's info/phone?  I will just have to take the $ out of my hotel budget, but I think it is worth it to get started right and not spend the next week trying to get down there.  I am in El Paso on the greyhound to Lordsburg, arriving at 5pm in Lordsburg.  I am also on the library computer so I can not check email until I get there to Lordsburg.
I met two other thru-hikers who relayed that the Gila is covered in snow, 200% normal snowpack along with an impassable river.  I might need to get my snowshoes earlier than I thought!
Thanks for your help!

Joey Shonka


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