[Cdt-l] New Trail J.Ley nm30j

Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Mon May 3 20:08:08 CDT 2010

This message is for NoBo's taking Allie Canyon(CDTS) route north.
There is a new section of trail that leaves the junction not shown on J.Ley NM 30j
If you intend to take the Mountain route you reach the junction (3rd square from the bottom second row from the right) and go right on a brand new section of official marked!! CDT instead of the road as indicated on Ley's map.
If you intend to take the Gila you actually go left (technically SoBo) on the officail CDT to Black Peak then take the CDTS route North west from there.
It is a bit confusing if you happened to go offtrail up Allie Canyon and follow the "OLD" offical CDT and reach the junction to find an extra trail marked CDT!
Ley very correctly marked Allie Canyon trail as joining the junction 100 feet prior.
As far as where the new trail goes or if it rejoins the "old" mountain route I don't know cause I am going to the Gila.
I did not walk through a 60 MPH dust storm and 24 hour snowstorm to turn back now! YeeHaa.. Brutality Embraced!

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