[Cdt-l] Water report J. Ley NM 30j

Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Tue May 4 10:46:27 CDT 2010

See note 9 on J.Ley NM30j
Signal Peaks water cistern is completely full. This is a huge underground concrete tank. The 18" square steel lid is located at the South West corner of the shed. There is a large rock on top of the lid. Please replace the rock! If a large animal like the bear (see tracks) were to pry the lid open other small critters could fall in and pollute the tank!!!
This happened to me back home.. It is nasty.
Side note: The purple and yellow outhouse on signal peak was quite a nice touch. Especially the wooden seat, much easier on the buns at 7 AM. 
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