[Cdt-l] Decision to turn my hike upside down

Jack Richardson jackrichardson at roadrunner.com
Sun May 9 09:59:12 CDT 2010

Hi CDT hikers,

After my blister packed 4/14 nobo start (57 miles) I have decided to  
let the blister healing finish. It has been almost 4 weeks since my  
return to Maine. Recently I have done a few 4 mile walks with and  
without pack (20#). There is still tenderness in both feet but I am  
encouraged. The reluctance to jump back into the trip is based upon  
Rachel's, my wife, experience on the PCT. Her blistered feet healed  
over time while hiking but the process caused other foot problems that  
are just now being resolved after three years.

So, the new plan is to consider going to Glacier mid to late June and  
do a SOBO. This will be a very different hike. I will be checking  
postholer.com and trailjournals.com and trailforums.com for other sobo  
hikers leaving around that time.

My recollection is that the snowpack in MT is about normal, which  
would be great.

It would be great to hear from other 2010 sobo'ers,


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