[Cdt-l] Pietown Challenge!

Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Thu May 13 15:26:14 CDT 2010

Sarong and I decided to start a new challenge for CDT'ers in Pietown.
Michelle at the Dailey Pie made us each a whole Strawberry Mango(Strawberry Fields) pie fresh.
Instead of packing it out of town as planned we both ate our entire pies in less than an hour. 
Sarong gets extra credit for having his with three scoops of ice cream. I also shared mine a bit cause I am a wimp.
However, we did finish our pies! Yum!
REAL CDT'ers eat an entire pie in one sitting.
PS. Pietown is the MOST awesome, friendly place you could reach after a gruelling road walk in the wind!

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