[Cdt-l] Gila River Report

Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Thu May 13 15:41:17 CDT 2010

This is a little late but I did not have a signal till now.
I am 5'7" tall and as of 5 days ago the lower and Middle forks of the Gila are absolutely do-able
The deepest crossing just barely wet the bottom of my pack.
I must say the Gila from Sapilla creek to Snow Lake is astonishing, intensely beautiful, and the most amazing thing I have seen anywhere.
If you are inclined to cross a river a couple hundred times and have fun with it the Gila is very, very, very rewarding.
Anyhow the water level was dropping inches per day so this information might be moot.
-Cheers and Happy Canyoneering-Iceaxe.

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