[Cdt-l] ride from Lordsburg?

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Thu May 13 22:48:42 CDT 2010

Sam Hughes lives in Hachita, and charges $90 fm there to Crazy Cook. To  
pick you up in Lordsburg and take you to Antelope Wells I'D GUESS would cost 
you  quite a bit more. Give him some notice, and call him at 575-436-2662. 
He's not  very good at returning calls, so you'll have to catch him at home.
Hope you like heat; it's already quite hot from the Border to at least  
Bob  "Trekker"
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My  partner and I plan on starting the CDT northbound next thursday, May  
20th.  We are planning on taking amtrak and arriving in Lordsburg early  in 
the morning on thursday and are trying to find a ride from there to the  
Antelope Wells start.  Is there anyone who can offer a ride.  I  recall reading 
about someone who offered a shuttle for some amount of  cash.  If I am 
remembering correctly I need to be reminded of the  details.  How can I get in 
touch with said shuttle?  I hope it is  going well for all of you that have 
already started the journey.  We hope  to join you soon.

Louis and Jasmine

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