[Cdt-l] Water report J. Ley nm23 El Malpais

Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Fri May 14 07:38:09 CDT 2010

J Ley nm23 point 1.(This is 500 yards south of the Zuni Acoma Trail head..)
It is true the windmill here was dissassembled.
But it has been converted to electric well (not solar) and is locked up tighter than fort knox.
Don't bother with it.. However follow the hose NoBo 100 yards to where it crosses under the highway through a culvert pipe. Look left(West) and you will find two big red half-tanks(100 gallons each) and a smaller 55 gallon. They were all full as of 5-13.
I examined the valve sytem for the locked well and they can either send water accross the road or to the tank by the well itself.
Also, some kind soul left a gallon jug of water at the Zuni Acoma trailhead as well.
-Cheers Iceaxe

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