[Cdt-l] J. Ley nm19 note 6

Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Sat May 15 15:02:02 CDT 2010

J. Ley NM 19 note 6
This is no joke! I just got done taking the "mountaineers" route.
Technically if your NoBo:
After the Prison you pass a Prison gate.
Round the Hill (too small to show on topo)
And there is a gate with a flag pole keep going.
Round a bend and there is a derelict gate and pull out, keep going.
Round a Bigger hill and there is a dirt road that leads up to the "Remains" of a trailhead.
There is an animal proof set of garbage bins amd a set of anti-motorcycle logs.
The trail head signs are missing and the maps completely obliterated.
About 20 feet up the trail it splits, take the left fork.
Within 100 yards you will see the first CDT marker.
Fortunately the vandals are a lazy lot so the rest of the trail seems pristine and actually damn good tread compared to the previous trails in NM.

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