[Cdt-l] Ride to Waterton

Alistair and Gail Des Moulins aandg at telusplanet.net
Sun May 16 23:01:54 CDT 2010

The following link gives details of some options for public transportation 
from Calgary to Waterton.

There is a very expensive $360 option to take you direct from the Calgary 
Also there is the multi stage route:
(a) Airport Shuttle to downtown Calgary
(b) Greyhound from Calgary to Pincher Creek. There is one bus daily and this 
leaves Calgary at 11:00 pm and gets into Pincher Creek at 01:55 am. Really 
convenient times!!
(c) Taxi for the 35 miles from Pincher Creek to Waterton

>From this link there's also a link to the Waterton to East Glacier public 
transportation service which can drop you off at the Chief Mountain customs 
post if you plan to take that route. For the High route you just walk down 
the lakeshore trail from the Waterton Townsite. You can get your Glacier 
Park Permit from the Waterton Park Visitor Centre. You have to watch the 
wildlife dangers video (they don't warn you about aggressive grouse) and 
they phone the permit request through to Glacier NP.

In the past we have taken CDT hikers from Calgary to the border in our car 
(a 3.5 hour drive) but at the moment we cannot promise that for mid June 
this year.

Alistair in Calgary

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> I'm planning to arrive in Calgary around the 12th of June. Is there any
> public transportation from there to Waterton?
> Coyote
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