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Brett Tucker blisterfree at yahoo.com
Wed May 19 12:44:50 CDT 2010

Just curious as to what "trough contaminated due to cattle" means exactly. Are you referring to the standard, unavoidable mouth-to-water use by cows, or something actually concerning such as visible cow plop in the troughs, unusual odors, or the like? Also, by "trough" do you mean a raised drinking "station" for stock, or a stock pond, obviously requiring treatment? 

- blisterfree

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   1. Water Report J.Ley NM12 (Matthew Edwards)


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Subject: [Cdt-l] Water Report J.Ley NM12
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J.Ley NM 12 Jones Spring Trickle from pipe. Trough is full. 
FWIW: Met a local hiker there. He said the water is fine from the pipe. Trough contaminated due to cattle.
-Cheers Iceaxe

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