[Cdt-l] Free Internet for CDT hikers in Cuba

Matthew Edwards hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Wed May 19 15:11:32 CDT 2010

Hello CDT'ers. 
Mrs. Yang that runs the Del Prado Motel in Cuba New Mexico, lets CDT hikers(And ONLY Hikers) take her Notebook computer with free wifi internet access back to your room. This is way cool cause the library times your hour down to the second!.
Also she wants to let you know on Sundays you might have to wait till after 7PM to register at the Del Prado cause Mrs. Yang goes to Church. Every other day of the week she is there though.
Super Hiker friendly person. She keeps a hiker box in the office for us too.
I just keep meeting great people everywhere in New Mexico.. Except for whomever is throwing all those Bud Light cans out their car window all across the state... But that's another story.
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