[Cdt-l] Entering Canada with bear spray?

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 There is an outfitter in downtown Waterton who may carry bear spray.  Check Waterton's town website to connect.   And hey you north bounders, at least in 2008 they shuttled you to the border and they had CDT t-shirts!!  As I recall as long as long as it's really bear spray with all the safety precautions labeled on the can it's fine.  Also remember bear spray can't fly! Ship it to your self via ground mail or take the train.  Before you start hiking stop in at a little cafe near the campground - awesome pies!!!   




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I asked this a few months ago, but didn't get an answer. How do I start a SOBO 
hike with bear spray? Am I allowed to bring it in to Canada? Can I buy it in 

        Jack Haskel

On Mar 25, 2010, at 11:22 AM, Jack Haskel wrote:

> I want to start at Waterton, with a can of Counter Assault. Yogi indicates 
that I can't cross the border with it. But Counter Assault sent me a document 
from 10 years ago saying that it's legal. What do other thruhikers do? How can I 
start my hike with some spray? Is the only option to have some mailed to the 
Canadian post office General Delivery?
> The document is attached, it's a pdf and virus free. 
> <healthcanadaletter.pdf>

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