[Cdt-l] Crooks mountains, central WY

Jeffrey Olson jolson at olc.edu
Thu May 20 13:05:13 CDT 2010

A friend and I circumambulated the Crooks Mountains in central Wyoming 
earlier this week.  There was lots of snow and water for drinking, but 
not enough snow that we were walking in it.  My guess is it's gone 
now,only a couple days later.  As we hiked back on the northern 
alternative route, about 300 head of cattle were being released onto 
summer grazing grounds.  The reservoir at Haypress Creek was surrounded 
in year old cow patties, lityerally 1000s of them, and it looked like 
new ones were on their way.  We boiled and iodined the water coming from 
the reservoir.  You've got to be tough to walk through there when its 90 
degrees and windy.

The view to the north revealed the Wind river Range is still snow 
covered from about 8500' on up.  Beautiful from 20 miles away.

The Green Mountains to the east of the Crook Mountains still have lots 
of snow.

Jeffrey Olson
Santa Rosa, CA

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