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yes I agree with you - I wanted it to be about dan and the great volunteers involved in his rescue but I couldn't let it go without a mention about SPOT since the locator was what took us to him so easily - if he didn't have the SPOT the other scenario would have been that julie in the mimbres would have reported him over due there and she would have said that he was "someplace" in the gila's on the CDT which totally widens the search area - dan had called her the night before to say that he would be there the next night - trail angels in southern NM keep track of the hikers - when people leave here I email julie and let her know that they should be there in 5 - 6 days and she does the same for me with sobo's - there were no hikers on the trail behind him since he was one of the last to leave

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Boy, what a serious bummer for Goat Man... I was really looking forward to hearing how it went with the goats. Just glad to hear that it's something that's likely to heal. Broken ankles can happen to anyone. The CDT will just have to wait! Also good to hear the report about the SPOT locater... This whole episode almost sounds like an ad for SPOT. 

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goat man aka dan j. had to end his CDT hike at the east end of east canyon - dan was using two 170 lb goats as pack animals - the goats (draco and oreo) were doing great according to dan early this morning - dan slipped and fractured his left ankle yesterday morning - he activated his 911 on his SPOT and within 6 hours search and rescue was with him - I was called because julie (trail angel) in the mimbres knew that he had been here at our place - I had pictures of the goats and dan which I took to base camp - I used to be on the Grant County SAR team so was known to them - it turned out that I worked the radio for the duration of the search -  dan was in great pain so a med team with an EMT was sent in to put splints and ice on him - he was in such a bad part of the canyon that carrying him out or walking him out was out of the question so a national guard blackhawk helicopter was brought in from santa fe and dan was hoisted out of the canyon and taken to a waiting ambulance at whiskey creek airport where he was transported to the hospital - he was dx'd with a fractured ankle - he was released with a temp cast so he could go to his doctor in denver - when I saw him at 5 AM this morning he was in good spirits - I returned the back packs from his goats and assured him that they were in good hands with some very kind volunteers in the mimbres valley that were holding them for him - all of the SAR work including the helicopter is free in NM - this is the first known rescue of a CDT hiker in the gila's - to me it really says a lot for SPOT indicators - you never know when one little fall will end your hike - here with dan it saved his life

el coyote
Deming, NM

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