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Would people still be able to camp at the borderline co-op, or has it been
sold already? If not, are there other possible legal camping spots in this


This is great work you're doing for water access on the Columbus route.
Better yet if Jonathan would include some alternates for better bbq access.


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after many phone calls including one to salt lake city I have gotten
permission for CDT hikers on the columbus route to use the water from the
spigot at the deserted house on the SW corner of hiway 11 and waterloo rd -
the Mormon church owns the property - the person in charge in salt lake said
that you can get water and sit and relax in the shade - there will be NO
camping allowed - I think that we are on a probationary period with them and
if the hikers follow the rules that this can become a water spot for years
to come - this replaces the water spot at borderline co-op about 100 yards

today I spoke with a nice couple that gave water to a few hikers including I
believe the noodleheads - they are located on hiway 143 about 3/4 of a mile
down from the junction of 143 - the owners just bought the house and really
want to help out the hikers - he was talking about digging a trench to run
the waterline from the house to the road - this will save the hikers from
having to hike the half mile uphill to rockhound state park - it's right on
the road about 2 1/2 miles from the bbq place - it would be the first water
after white dome

jonathan - I will get you the lat/lons for both places
el coyote


Deming, NM

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