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Sun Nov 7 11:33:25 CST 2010

Hi- I saw this posting and couldn't help but to get on my soap box even though I 
try not to do this kind of thing, especially in a public forum. This message has 
nothing to do with CDT water info or trail beta- sorry!
  I have been wondering how to track down triple crown records too. I saw an 
awesome documentary on the PCT with Yogi in it & she was hiking with a 17 year 
old who was shooting to become the youngest triple crowner, external and 
internal gonads regardless. I am not sure if she did it or not, but more power 
to her for getting out there and spending her teen years on the trail! I wish I 
had started back then- but maybe I would be more ruined than I am. 

  As far as women's hiking records, I am curious because I can find all kinds of 
inspirational hikers (that isn't hard to do- anyone who gets out for a thru-hike 
is a hero in my book) but thru-hiking seems to be a male dominated field and 
records of any kind are hard to find. 

  Of the CDT hikers I met this summer I guesstimate about 1/4 of us were female. 
I would pin about that same fraction on the PCT hikers I met last year. Does 
that sound about right to everybody else? Am I just a bias wack-o? 
  I think women do really well on the trail once they get out the door and get a 
few hundred miles under their belts, and we certainly have an easier time 
hitching... I think the initial skepticism & fear surrounding the idea of a 
woman traveling alone in the wilderness, the societal pressure, is a huge hurdle 
that most women have a hard time leaping. 

  I wish I could tell every lady that wants to go for a big hike just to ignore 
the fear and negativity & just give it a shot. I would like to see some women 
with some records just to help get the word out that chics hike too & it's not 
like we get attacked or live in fear with every step while we are out here. 
Maybe it's just that thru-hiking is kinda obscure and no matter who has records 
no one really knows about it, so maybe this is the wrong approch. 
  Alrighty- I gotta get my female skirt clad ass back to the trail- even though 
I feel like crap today & this Bear's Den Hostel is very tempting to take a 
near-o in- but dang it, I am shooting for a personal goal and maybe a record for 
the gal's, so ONWARD to GA I must go... stepping down from the soap box now, 
thank you CDT-L peeps for bearing with a rant.

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