[Cdt-l] Women hiking solo

Jeffrey Olson jolson at olc.edu
Sun Nov 7 13:16:55 CST 2010

It was just 16 years ago my girlfriend and I headed out for a long 
section hike - Lassen to Whitney.  I blew out an ACL and "we" had to 
leave the trail after 30 days.  I didn't even consider supporting her 
hiking alone, and she, after 30 days, was perfectly capable of 
completing the hike.  She gave into my overprotectiveness.  Today I 
would ask what she wanted to do (she said she wanted to continue) and 
support whatever decision she made.

If I wanted to feel guilty I could...

Jeff Olson
Martin, SD

On 11/7/10 12:05 PM, Jonathan Ley wrote:
> When I was on the pct, I remember a time when one of the solo women in 
> our group was talking to a younger girl in a campground about her hike 
> and the pct. The younger girl just seemed in awe that a woman could 
> get out there and do such a thing... Like it was opening all these 
> possibilities in her mind. She was asking all these questions, and 
> just lapping up the answers. I hadn't really given it much thought 
> until that point... But I think it's often moments like that one that 
> can change one's life forever. I don't know what became of that girl, 
> but I have to think that her dreams got bigger that day.

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