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As long as everyone else is praising Sage, I'll get my word in:

Sage was one of my Outward Bound instructors on a course in the Sierra
Nevada back in the summer of 2006 when I was fresh out of high school. It
was an amazing experience, Sage was a terrific instructor, and the two weeks
I spent on that course in no small way contributed to my decision to
thru-hike the Pacific Crest Trail this past summer. Which, in turn, led me
to planning a hike for next year that will incorporate part of the CDT,
which is why I'm on this mailing list. She's been inspiring other hikers
long before 2010.

Ben Mayberry

On Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 7:06 PM, <hetchhetchyman at aol.com> wrote:

> Well, while she probably isn't the youngest, Sage Clegg, who completed the
> in 09 and the CDT earlier this year gets my nomination for the "toughest"!
> Not
> satisfied with "Embracing the Brutality" of the CDT and squeezing until it
> gave
> in to her will, she's now over halfway through a Sobo AT thruhike pounding
> out
> high 20-mile days.  Awesome!
> Rick "Handelbar" Ostheimer
> I second Handlebar's sentiment.
> I first heard of Sage on the CDT-L. She seemed a long way off and behind
> me. Next thing I knew she was right there in the Bob Marshall
> Wilderness..Alone, Grizzly bears be damned. I was fortunate enough to keep
> pace with her for a while. My plan was to jump into *her* arms for safety
> should we be assaulted by Grizzlies!
> Seriously, Sage was completely in thru-hiker mode as we proceeded after
> dark to hike towards Glacier one night. She did not even use a headlamp! I
> will never forget when we were straining to read that sign.. the one that
> said: "BIG HOLE AHEAD". Sure enough there was a bottomless pit right smack
> dab in the middle of the trail.
> I will also never forget that packrat.. the one that stole one of Sage's
> socks and took it down into it's den. Damn that was funny!
> *This Hiker is FEARLESS*! *Sage Clegg* gets my vote for "most inspiring
> hiker" met on trail.
> Crikey, she just finished the CDT and went right out onto the AT less than
> a month later. It's like.. gonna be winter and all that.. Doesn't bother
> Sage.
> Oh Yea, I thought I had the smallest, lightest shelter on the CDT.. until I
> met Sage with her tiny, 4 ounce, whatever the hell that thing was.
> My favorite quote from Sage: "*I was Hungry, cold, and tired.. Now I am
> warm, dry, and full of Chocolate*!"
> Hey Sage.. Hope you see lots of Pink Unicorns! (Inside joke)
> -Iceaxe
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