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I'm trying to get out there in 2011 too.  If I can make enough money this
winter I'll be heading SOBO!

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> It is funny that I personally never made a plan to be strictly solo. I in
> fact began hiking from the Mexican border with Chief Chihuahua, Sarong, and
> Jack Beanstalk. I love those guys but by the time we reached South peak,
> just the second day, our paces were already different. I decided I had to be
> true to the pace that made me happy. This meant I did not see my friends
> again until the Gila. It was awesome to hike with them again if short lived.
> Once again we became separated in the Gila and I ended up a day ahead of
> them into Pie Town. That was so cool at Nita's Toaster house when all these
> NoBo hikers just showed up at the same time! Thirsty Boots, Doc, Jack
> beanstalk, Chief Chihuahua, Sarong, Lime Green JellyBean, Irish, Brit, and
> Damp Dan. After Pie town my pace became quicker cause I was just getting
> into the groove. I saw JellyBean and Company once on the road and Whitefish
> a bit further on around Mt Taylor, but then not another thru hiker until I
> ran into Southbounders- The Noodleheads near Mack's Inn Idaho. In all that
> time I never felt lonely. Maybe because of all the really great people I met
> in resupply towns along the way filled my need for socialization.
> Anyhow I know I am rambling here and you asked about the numbers of groups
> VS solo's. I just had to kinda run the whole trip through my mind a bit
> first.
> Although I can't speak for these people or be sure they were strictly solo
> or strictly in a group, the following is what met on trail:
> Groups of thru's in NM: 3+4
> Solos' in NM 1+1+1+1
> Groups of thru's in Idaho 2+2
> Groups of thru's in MT 2+2+5+2+2
> Solo's in MT 1+1+1
> *So I met 7 Solo thru hikers and 24 people hiking in groups when I met
> them.*
> **
> I can't speak for Sage or Hydro Heidi. I am a guy so I can't know what the
> differences are both psychological and real for women to hike the CDT solo.
> I do know there were times when I really wished I could talk to another long
> distance hiker. I also know there were some pretty awesome sublime moments
> when I was glad I was alone. Wow, I ain't making much sense, sorry. When I
> think back I remember being a little jealous when I met that big happy group
> of southbounders. It brought back memories of the great friends I spent time
> hiking with on the PCT. There are things that only another thru hiker can
> understand and when you are solo you don't have an outlet for those thoughts
> and feelings.
> Anyhow i am making a big 'ole mushy mess of this post now so I'll just let
> it be. I loved meeting other hikers on the trail. I loved the time we did
> spend hiking together. I also loved my solo time and that made me appreciate
> meeting folks all the more I suppose.
> Cheers-Matthew Edwards aka Iceaxe
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