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David - 
We first heard the "brutality" expression AFTER our second CDT hike.  And we laughed.  
Because our 2006 hike was, without question, the easiest thruhike either of us had ever 
done.  We had few water problems, no bear problems, few thunderstorms, and got "lost" 
only in a couple burn areas or in sections where we were following "pink ribbons".  
We had very few snow problems because we started late and didn't try to hurry 
through NM.  Nor did we "hurry" through the Trail.  We finished in mid-October and were 
the last of the Nobo's, so we were completely alone on the northern part of the Trail for 
over 3 weeks (except for the hunters and a few bears).  We saw the Indian Summer in 
Montana that the other hikers missed.  And I could write a book about the trail magic. 
And another book about the wildlife sightings, the scenery, the beauty......... 
Damn, that was a good hike.  When can I do it again? 
Brutality?  I don't think so.  
BTW - if you think the Trail was obscure when you did it, you should have been there in 1999.  
There was one 150 mile section with no/zero/nada/zip CDT markings.  And we thought we were 
lucky because less than 10 years prior, there had been a completely unmarked 600 mile section. 



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Thanks for bringing up the annoying "Embrace the Brutality" which is emblazoned across the Yogi Guide.  All trails are tough in their own way but the CDT is very doable.  We often Embraced, not the brutality, but the beauty, solitude, lack of trail, new friends and kindness of strangers.  
The "Embrace the Brutality" was a running joke for us because the saying is such a joke.  We came up with "Embrace the Stupidity" to deal with the random signs, trail junctions etc.  Although this or any pithy saying doesn't do a trail justice. 
The Yogi guide is great but at times it makes the trail seem like something unattainable--if your planning consider this basis. 
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