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Jonathan Ley jonathan at phlumf.com
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I think everyone has their own experience... & it's so hard to compare 
one hike to another. If you get caught in a white-out in the San Juans, 
it can be pretty brutal indeed. But, you could breeze-through a few days 
earlier, and have a downright pleasant stroll. These kinds of random 
things can really make all the difference in one's perception of the 
CDT. I think it's best not to read too deeply into these catch phrases. 
It's just something fun to say & good motivation in case the going does 
happen to get rough.


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> Thanks for bringing up the annoying "Embrace the Brutality" which is 
> emblazoned across the Yogi Guide.  All trails are tough in their own 
> way but the CDT is very doable.  We often Embraced, not the brutality, 
> but the beauty, solitude, lack of trail, new friends and kindness of 
> strangers.
> The "Embrace the Brutality" was a running joke for us because the 
> saying is such a joke.  We came up with "Embrace the Stupidity" to 
> deal with the random signs, trail junctions etc.  Although this or any 
> pithy saying doesn't do a trail justice.
> The Yogi guide is great but at times it makes the trail seem like 
> something unattainable--if your planning consider this basis.
> Dave
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