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there are border patrol all over the place down here - one hiker a couple of years back was stopped by the BP in the middle of nowhere and made to empty his pack so they could search it - I think that that was an overzealous rookie - I have not heard of any other cases like this since then - if you do the trail the right way you don't even come close to the permanent BP checkpoint - that drug bust was 3 miles south of columbus - every spring I warn hikers on here to not carry any stuff with them - I believe if you are found in possesion of weed by the BP it becomes a federal charge which is much harsher

el coyote
Keith and Mary
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Deming, NM

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If an hiker is carrying a bag of weed for pleasure, they may want to 
tash it in Deming.  If I recall correctly, a couple years ago while 
ropping some hikers at the border, between where the hikers hit the 
oad, for the short road walk and borderline coop there was a 
emporary/permanent inspection station with border patrol and dogs.    
ew Mexican law for an oz or less is 15 days and $50-$100 fine.   Or you 
ould try and get a prescription.  CO is cool, the other states would 
eriously dampen a thru-hike.
On 11/11/2010 10:38 PM, Rich Brown wrote:
 I don't think this incident radically changes anything - it's just one 
 more bit of info that may
 be useful to you. I for one am still planning to head NOBO out 
 of Columbus in April.


 Rich "Bear" Brown

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