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Speaking of  maps; How many maps does one carry on a thru hike. CDs are great 
but power,damage, etc dampen that idea.
Do I get maps for each section in each CARE package or-?  

The conversations are wonderful for learning tips, things to look for, things to 
avoid. Is there a new book coming soon-?

I am looking forward to a late Feb/early-Mar start.  I appreciate your help.

Trail Monk... Nope, not a chipmunk...

Hey, I forgot to answer one of your main questions. I don't know what other hikers did so I am only speaking for myself but.. I sent potions of the maps to myself at intervals along the trail.
I was Northbound so I had a map pack (and replacement shoes, socks etc) sent to Chama NM, Silverthorne CO, Rawlins WY, Lima MT, and Helena MT.
This meant I was carrying about 1.5 lbs of maps at the beginning of each section. I would jettison used maps ans mail home guides after finishing each section.
Also i printed the Jonathan Ley maps on 8.5X11 paper. Some hikers printed them on 11X14 paper and had a lot more detail. I found that with the laser copies on 8.5x11 i could not read all the fine details. Not fatal but sometimes it would have been nice to read all the place, peak, stream names as well as the elevations. my ink jet maps, the ones I left at home, were printed on heavier photo paper and every detail was legible.
Also some hikers printed their maps double sided to save weight and paper. this would mean less than 160 sheets for the whole trail. Or you might consider printing single sided and copying other info on the blank back sides of the maps.. or writing your journal etc. 


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