[Cdt-l] What the $%@? Oh I get it!

hetchhetchyman at aol.com hetchhetchyman at aol.com
Sat Nov 13 17:24:29 CST 2010

"OK, one option is just going for hits.  
Straight (although not meant to make a comment about sexuality or "a" vs "s") , is the less popular than any Gay or Lesbian option, at Skull Bridge (nobo).  
Right is the traditional option to Ghost Ranch.   
Left, although long overlooked, may become a the choice for those that worship Christ or beer (the capaltization may become a debated opinion).  
Rambler "

I was like: "What the Heck is this post on CDT-L?" Then i clicked the link! I get it!     
Hey that cliff looks awefully familiar. 
How much farther from Skull Bridge is this Brewhouse/Monastery?
We might have to contact Jonathan ley, Jim Wolf, and the CDTA to re-route the CDT to take advantage of this Beer.. for medicinal purposes only of course.
I apreciate the double.. triple.. quadrule entendre Rambler! funny!
Cheers.. no literally CHEERS- Iceaxe

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