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I liked the Wind River Brewing Co. in Pinedale amongst others. Maybe this string 
will enocurage Yogie to include a comprehensive list of brew pubs along the CDT 
in next season's Town Guide. I believe she does mention some aleady. Mini Mart

That was an awesome BrewPub.. and you can just stagger across the street and stealth camp back in the trees. I really liked Pinedale Wyoming. Can you imagine being able to just take off from the Elkhardt Trail and in 10 miles be in the Wind River Range any time you wanted? When I hit the lottery I am going to move to Pinedale and buy a rusty jeep and some land, build a cabin, and live there full time. It only gets down to -40 sometimes in the winter.. no big deal for a California boy. (O.0)
Pinedale was such a worthy trail town. Hey the Pole creek and Seneca Lake trails off the CDT to reach Elkhardt were pretty awesome. You only miss about 4 miles of CDT but you get to see 16 miles of trail you would otherwise not see. 
Anyways I wonder if Bev Mo sells Wyoming Pale Ale.. I'm Jonesing for some right now!

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