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Sun Nov 14 19:06:55 CST 2010

 I'm trying to think of other places to get a beer right
on the trail: Pie Town, Grants, Cuba. Any others?  Oh yea, Rawlins,

Mark, it is funny you mention PieTown cause I have a story from this year. A bunch of us hikers were congregated at Nita's toaster house. Nita was nowhere to be found. 
Anyhow there was no place in town to get beer so ThirstyBoots and I walked 3 miles(could'nt get a hitch!) down to the "Top of the World" market. 
Sadly no beer there. It turns out it is a dry county. 
So we bought a bunch of icecream and junk food and managed to get a hitch back to Nita's.. defeated. 
That night we were sittin' around playin guitar and whatnot when Nita shows up. 
After we all introduce ourselves and so on our story of the walk/hitch in quest of beer comes out. 
Nita laughs.. 
She walks over and pulls up a trap door in the floor.. 
Yea, the basement was full of beer! 
We had been sitting on top of beer the whole time, albeit Coors. But after a long dusty walk on those dirt roads into Pietown it was magic on top of magic!

Oh yea, I second that vote for Plaid Bastard Ale in Grand lake CO. I had three cause the waitress kept smiling at me. Actually it seems like everyone is smiling after drinking that stuff! ;)
OH and the Bear Pit restaurant/bar in Yellowstone has Antelope Sausage! Wyomings "Fast Food" the locals say.

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