[Cdt-l] National Landscape Conservation System

Jim Wolf mail at cdtsociety.org
Tue Nov 16 22:44:30 CST 2010

Here's an item that is of interest because of its potential long-range significance.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar issued an order on Monday emphasizing 
conservation values to be observed by the Bureau of Land Management with respect 
to lands in the National Landscape Conservation System (which includes 
BLM-administered portions of the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail along 
with many other designated areas).

The order specifically "recognizes that conservation of this Nation's rich 
natural and cultural heritage is an ... important land management objective, and 
an integral part of the BLM's multiple-use mission. Conservation is a long-term 
investment that provides quality of life and economic benefits for current and 
future generations."

BLM is directed to "ensure that the components of the NLCS are managed to 
protect the values for which they were designated, including, where appropriate, 
prohibiting uses that are in conflict with those values."

By recognizing conservation values as a priority, the order should help efforts 
to protect the CDT users' experience -- notably in the extensive areas 
administered by BLM in Wyoming and New Mexico.

It's nice to have good news to report.

CDTS/Jim Wolf

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