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Hey everyone I just recieved this email from Sage who is bravely hiking the AT as we speak. I tried to re-format it as best I could for the list. If it comes out garbled I apologize and will keep trying. Once again Sage has proven women are smarter, better looking, can out hike, and have a way better memory than us fellas. I further nominate her as the hiker with the most amazing trail name that is actually her real name! Anyway I think she deserves some serious credit for sending this amazing list from the trail! 
Cheers- Iceaxe
Sage's List:
"The CDT Class of 2010 as Sage saw it. If I forgot you PLEASE let me know. I wanted to write notes on everyone, but don't have time.
I don't intend to turn you into a stat, just thought this beta might be helpful to other hikers. Amazing hiking everyone!" -Sage
Name  Direction (NoBo SoBo,Flip, Section)   Gender(M/F)  Couple=C Group=G Solo=S 
Aussie Dave Sec M S 6 weeks each year, one more summer on the CDT?
Goat Man Sec M S w/ 2 180lb goats!
Irish Sec M G
Lime Green Jelly Bean Sec F G
Damp Dan Sec M G
Fire Ball Sec M Pair Supported by Hot Chocolate, Left tr. After sprained ankle in San Juans
Two Guys I met in the GDB Sec M Pair
Two Guys I met in the GDB Sec M Pair
Wassa Sec M S Leadville to Canada
Super Dave Sec M G hiked w/ Kelly & Dave for some sections
Three peeps in the Bob Sec m G One is a Sherpa who got married on Everest
Three peeps in the Bob Sec m G Sectioning over 3? Years
Three peeps in the Bob Sec m G
CDT Maper Sec M G Two guy's & a lady out mapping the official CDT with uber cool hightech GPS
CDT Maper Sec M G
CDT Maper Sec F G
Alien Sec F S Hiking the Spirit Eagle route through west yellowstone!
Buckeye Sec M S
Jasmine NOBO F C These 2 started late & had the trail to themselves, along w/ the heat & fires
Louis NOBO M C They found my camera in NM, I am forever grateful!
Popsicle FlipFlop F S
30-30 FlipFlop M S/P
Sweep NOBO F Pair
Max NOBO F Pair
Handel Bar NOBO M S
Peter Ahab Mattox NOBO M S Finished his 3C @ the end of the San Juans, but wanted a thru in a season- congrats on a milestone year!
Wrong Way NOBO M S back again- W.W. went SB in '09 & came back this summer!!
Sarong NOBO M G
Chief Hua Hua NOBO M G
Jack & the Beanstalk NOBO M G
Hungry Joe NOBO M S
Kelly NOBO F C
Sage Clegg NOBO F S
 Disco Dan NOBO M Pair D.D. & Malakai supported by Malakai's wife this summer, next summer M. will
Malakai NOBO M Pair drive support for her- coming back to the CDT??
Hydro Heidi FlipFlop F S I hear she's a bad ass skiier & lives in Mammoth
Brit FlipFlop M S Congrats on the 3C! Hope Tea houses in Napal are treating this wanderer well!
Ice Axe NOBO M S Mr. CDT-l, our main source for trail beta & water info in 2010- thax a billion!!
Thirsty Boots NOBO M S Hope your kidney's have healed up!
Cupcake/ Rudy NOBO M S First from France
Israeli NOBO M G
Israeli NOBO M G
Israeli NOBO M G
Cruisin NOBO M S? I heard there were 2 German dudes of which crusin was one
Boone SOBO M Pair Speed deamons- when did you guys finish anyway! & that sign in YNP was still
Moosa SOBO M Pair swaying when I showed up- HA! These two probably have the '10 speed record
Guy w/ external frame SOBO M Pair
Rigatoni FlipFlop M C The Noodleheads of Crested Butte!
Angel Hair FlipFlop F C
Neon Yellow guy SOBO M?S
This could have been Lakeland or Dogwood or anyone… I saw them at the first camp in Yellowstone
I think this was DYI, I don't remember your names- a cool couple I met just inside Yellowstone
Cool Chick with DYI SOBO F C
Pace FlipFlop F G Traveling w/ WF & Coach
White Fish FlipFlop M G
Coach FlipFlop M G
Roaring Thunder SOBO M G
Joker SOBO M G
Rock Steady/ Yaz SOBO M G First from Japan
Hawkeye SOBO M G
Kombucha SOBO F G
Heaps SOBO M G
&A (Anna)SOBO M C
Dogwood SOBO M S
Lakeland SOBO M S
Voyageur NoBo M S
Becky SOBO F C
Carbo SOBO M C
Jelly Bean SOBO F C
Masa SOBO M S The other First from Japan!!
PI SOBO M S Hiked the Hayduke before starting in on the CDT this summer
Stretch SOBO M S Another Solo hiker chic from Santa Cruz!!
Snorkel SOBO F C
Jeff MT-UT M C Jeff & the really cool Hawaiian lady were on their way to Utah on a route they created, piecing together
Hawaiian Chic MT-UT F C the CDT, the Wyoming Trail, and the Hayduke. I would love to know how it turned out!

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