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And for the record Ice Ax and Sage were the first folks to go through the San Juans and finish the trail--an accomplishment which should be duly noted.  
Pshyo Hiko (sp) 
Jojo Smiley (hiking w/ Rascal left due to injury in Lima)
Rascal (Rascal was the one injured I think)
Little G 
There are two to four others who I think finished--I can't remember their name
April and her man who we meet late in year in the Pintlers 
Flippy (hiked NM and part of Colorado with his son Sean Jr.--he will finish his Triple Crown so time next year--he hopes)
Road Tamlaes (Border to Ghost Ranch) 
Vocal (Border to Grants)
Wilderness Bob (I'm not sure what he was doing!? but we bumped into him at Pie Town)
And Beer--Chama is the first place to have a good selection of micros on Tap at the Highcountry.  The owner Shea is very hiker friendly and the food is good with huge portions plus free peanuts you get to throw on the floor.  Bell's Brewery in Fort Collins (not on trail) has good beer.   		 	   		  
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