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It's always hard to compile lists like these, especially on a trail with some many variant routes, directional, start and end point strategies.  Walking Carrot and I (Nowhere Man) completed the CDT this year.  Add us to the list.  I'd love to get a PDF copy of the final when you finish compiling.  For what it's worth here's how we did the CDT:

July 5 to Sept 9 2008   Many Glacier to Togowtee Pass (Southbound)
June 3 to July 29th 2009  Crazy Cook (Gila variant) to Sping Creek Pass (Northbound)
July 17 to Sept 13 2010 Spring Creek Pass to Togowtee Pass (Northbound)
Sept 16 & 17 2010 (Manyy Glacier, Ptarmigan Tunnel Chief Mountain (Northbound)

We broke it into sections so we could avoid snow problems, generally we were behind, by several weeks, hikers trying to do the whole CDT in one year and only saw a "blur" of hikers going in the opposite direction.

More at www.WalkingCarrot.com

Phil aka "Nowhere Man"

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> Hey everyone I just recieved this email from Sage who is bravely hiking the AT as we speak. I tried to re-format it as best I could for the list. If it comes out garbled I apologize and will keep trying. Once again Sage has proven women are smarter, better looking, can out hike, and have a way better memory than us fellas. I further nominate her as the hiker with the most amazing trail name that is actually her real name! Anyway I think she deserves some serious credit for sending this amazing list from the trail! 
> Cheers- Iceaxe
> Sage's List:
> "The CDT Class of 2010 as Sage saw it. If I forgot you PLEASE let me know. I wanted to write notes on everyone, but don't have time.
> I don't intend to turn you into a stat, just thought this beta might be helpful to other hikers. Amazing hiking everyone!" -Sage
> Name  Direction (NoBo SoBo,Flip, Section)   Gender(M/F)  Couple=C Group=G Solo=S 
> Aussie Dave Sec M S 6 weeks each year, one more summer on the CDT?
> Goat Man Sec M S w/ 2 180lb goats!
> Irish Sec M G
> Lime Green Jelly Bean Sec F G
> Damp Dan Sec M G
> Fire Ball Sec M Pair Supported by Hot Chocolate, Left tr. After sprained ankle in San Juans
> Two Guys I met in the GDB Sec M Pair
> Two Guys I met in the GDB Sec M Pair
> Wassa Sec M S Leadville to Canada
> Super Dave Sec M G hiked w/ Kelly & Dave for some sections
> Three peeps in the Bob Sec m G One is a Sherpa who got married on Everest
> Three peeps in the Bob Sec m G Sectioning over 3? Years
> Three peeps in the Bob Sec m G
> CDT Maper Sec M G Two guy's & a lady out mapping the official CDT with uber cool hightech GPS
> CDT Maper Sec M G
> CDT Maper Sec F G
> Alien Sec F S Hiking the Spirit Eagle route through west yellowstone!
> Buckeye Sec M S
> Jasmine NOBO F C These 2 started late & had the trail to themselves, along w/ the heat & fires
> Louis NOBO M C They found my camera in NM, I am forever grateful!
> Popsicle FlipFlop F S
> 30-30 FlipFlop M S/P
> Sweep NOBO F Pair
> Max NOBO F Pair
> Handel Bar NOBO M S
> Peter Ahab Mattox NOBO M S Finished his 3C @ the end of the San Juans, but wanted a thru in a season- congrats on a milestone year!
> Wrong Way NOBO M S back again- W.W. went SB in '09 & came back this summer!!
> Sarong NOBO M G
> Chief Hua Hua NOBO M G
> Jack & the Beanstalk NOBO M G
> Hungry Joe NOBO M S
> Dave NOBO M C
> Kelly NOBO F C
> Sage Clegg NOBO F S
>  Disco Dan NOBO M Pair D.D. & Malakai supported by Malakai's wife this summer, next summer M. will
> Malakai NOBO M Pair drive support for her- coming back to the CDT??
> Hydro Heidi FlipFlop F S I hear she's a bad ass skiier & lives in Mammoth
> Brit FlipFlop M S Congrats on the 3C! Hope Tea houses in Napal are treating this wanderer well!
> Ice Axe NOBO M S Mr. CDT-l, our main source for trail beta & water info in 2010- thax a billion!!
> Thirsty Boots NOBO M S Hope your kidney's have healed up!
> Cupcake/ Rudy NOBO M S First from France
> Israeli NOBO M G
> Israeli NOBO M G
> Israeli NOBO M G
> Cruisin NOBO M S? I heard there were 2 German dudes of which crusin was one
> Boone SOBO M Pair Speed deamons- when did you guys finish anyway! & that sign in YNP was still
> Moosa SOBO M Pair swaying when I showed up- HA! These two probably have the '10 speed record
> Guy w/ external frame SOBO M Pair
> Rigatoni FlipFlop M C The Noodleheads of Crested Butte!
> Angel Hair FlipFlop F C
> Neon Yellow guy SOBO M?S
> This could have been Lakeland or Dogwood or anyone? I saw them at the first camp in Yellowstone
> I think this was DYI, I don't remember your names- a cool couple I met just inside Yellowstone
> Cool Chick with DYI SOBO F C
> Pace FlipFlop F G Traveling w/ WF & Coach
> White Fish FlipFlop M G
> Coach FlipFlop M G
> Mike SOBO M G
> Roaring Thunder SOBO M G
> Joker SOBO M G
> Rock Steady/ Yaz SOBO M G First from Japan
> Hawkeye SOBO M G
> Kombucha SOBO F G
> Lost SOBO F G
> Heaps SOBO M G
> D (Dan)SOBO F C
> &A (Anna)SOBO M C
> Dogwood SOBO M S
> Lakeland SOBO M S
> Voyageur NoBo M S
> Becky SOBO F C
> Dave SOBO M C
> Carbo SOBO M C
> Jelly Bean SOBO F C
> Masa SOBO M S The other First from Japan!!
> PI SOBO M S Hiked the Hayduke before starting in on the CDT this summer
> Stretch SOBO M S Another Solo hiker chic from Santa Cruz!!
> Snorkel SOBO F C
> Frog SOBO M C
> Seth SOBO M S
> Jeff MT-UT M C Jeff & the really cool Hawaiian lady were on their way to Utah on a route they created, piecing together
> Hawaiian Chic MT-UT F C the CDT, the Wyoming Trail, and the Hayduke. I would love to know how it turned out!
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> Since Sage is on trail I volunteered to keep and improve the list. If folks are interested and can think of any changes, additions, comments, they would like added I would be more than happy to make updates. Just feel free to email me at hetchhetchyman at aol.com or my new email at iceaxehikes at gmail.com hehehe... couldn't help myself. ;)
> If anyone wants a copy of the PDF file she sent just email me.
> Cheers-Iceaxe
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