[Cdt-l] Was my Name Written out there?

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Iceaxe- thanks!! I have seen the spot on trail books and maps.  Some day I will hike through that very section.  

I am hoping surgery will correct ongoing problems sometime in 2011.  I have been seeing a doc or two at the U of MI.  The Cancer is holding.  And my name is on the CDT!  That is really something.  thanks. 

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  As promised I wrote your name on the CDT Trew. I wrote it behind the downed log at the end of the first switchback northbound out of Two Ocean Pass. If you stand in that spot you have a dramatic view of the physical Continental Divide itself. The parting of the waters is just below down in the trees and the slope of the landscape to the Atlantic and Pacific is quite striking there.
  Hope you are doing well Trew and Best of luck on the Trail!


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