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these are the people that have come through our place this year
trekker bob - nobo from CC - I believe he's the one that almost drowns in the Gila River - Israeli's catch up to him
aviv - Israeli
gil - Israeli
shai - Israeli
rudy - cupcake - France
psyco heiko - Germany
thirsty boots
damp dan
brit - England - he couldn't get a plane here due to the smoke from the volcano
hydro heidi - 1st hiker to respond with me to the fire house - not the fire
dad's grin
wilderness bob - quit the trail in deming
pace - we have a funny secret - although dad's grin knows it too
stormin norman
sage - came over from the CC route due to a bad foot
goat man - dan fractured his ankle and leg north of emory pass - I got to be in on his rescue
aussie dave - hmmmmmm wonder where he's from - he brought us a little boomerang that's on the wall of the porch
rambler - a place to stay before he headed home to PA for his kidney stones
rolling thunder - New Zealand
rock steady - yaz - Japan
anna - DNA
dan - DNA
mike - can't read his writing
heaps - New Zealand
DIY - he painted the outside of our porch - looks like a professional job - I had to "force" him to take $$$
carbo - these 3 didn't stay with us so wasn't able to pass on the 2 new water sources 
jellybean - the other one - I think they did wolf's route and missed out on the bbq place that everyone loves
masa - Japan
wow - 40 people - don't think we will ever have such an "international" group again - although? really would have liked to meet Iceaxe

el coyote
Keith and Mary
Trail Angels
Deming, NM
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