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The Carrot and I met in AUg 1994 on the PCT.  I was solo through hiking. She was the friend of a friend of a friend who heard about my hike and wanted to know more about it.  When I heard that, I thought "groupies!! - yea!!" and invited her to join me for a few days to see what the trail was like.  She met me at Mt Hood and we hike to the Columbia Gorge together.  3 months later, I moved from from AZ to CA for a job, moved in with her in Dec 1994 and we've been together since.  We've not gotten married. But we are committed enough to have subsequently hike all three trails together as a couple - the AT in 97, the PCT in 04, and the CDT in three sections over the last 3 summers. We've paddled the length of the Yukon and not only own a home together (in Idaho) but both work from home (in seperate offices at either end of the house). We're obviously committed.  Call the arrangement whatever you like, labels don't mean as much as the bond that developed in those first 3 or 4 days in 1994......

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> here's a question for you - how many people have met their soul mates on one of the 3 trails and have gotten married or are still together as a couple? I know one right away - cruiser and reason met on the AT and are married
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