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When we hiked the AT in '92, we hiked off and on with a group of about 10 people.  In that group, three couples formed.  Jim and I got married a few years later.  Sarah and Mike (Free Spirit and Hawkeye) got married a year after the trail and had at least one child.  The other couple lived together briefly after the trail, but couldn't reconcile their bicoastal lifestyles.  Both had businesses and families - one in California the other in Georgia.  


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I met my husband, Bald Eagle, via the AT in 1998.  He had thru-hiked in '95 and was one of the experienced hikers giving out advice to the newbies on Wingfoot's new Trailplace web site.  We "met" through the site, and after a lot of emailing and a phone call from his very sweet mom, I agreed to let him meet me at the airport and take me to Springer.  We met on the trail several times and, despite all odds, kept it going.
We ended up dating another six years, through a PCT attempt in '00.  Got hitched in '04 and took off to try the PCT again - this time made it to Canada.  Rode our bicycles self-supported from coast-to-coast the next summer.  Then, attempted the CDT in '07, only to discover I was pregnant in Scapegoat Wilderness.  We are expecting our second daughter in a few weeks.
Oasis and Purple met on the AT in '98; they are some of my best friends to this day.  They were married a few years after the hike and have a daughter.
Katie-Did and Real Bill met on the AT in '98 and were married a year or so afterwards.  I haven't kept up with them in a few years.
Debbie and Germanator met on the PCT in '04 and were married last year in Lake Tahoe.  They are also close friends of mine; Debbie was my college roommate.
There are several other AT '98 couples that I know of who were married....at least three other couples, though I don't know them that well and don't keep up with them.  Heard about their marriages through the grapevine.
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> here's a question for you - how many people have met their soul mates on one of the 3 trails and have gotten married or are still together as a couple? I know one right away - cruiser and reason met on the AT and are married
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