[Cdt-l] trail partnership

Brian Lewis brianle at nwlink.com
Sun Nov 28 04:34:05 CST 2010

"I'm debating picking up two lightweight walkie talkies maybe."

My recollection is that unless you get the type you need a license to use,
they don't have enough range to make them too helpful for reconnecting.

"Gadget, were you on the PCT this year?"

Nope, must have been another fellow; I was on the AT this year (did the PCT
in 2008). 

As more and more folks start bringing things like smartphones into the
wilderness, I won't be surprised if "Gadget" gets to be one of those
overused trail names (like "Wizard", Greybeard", etc).  There were two of us
on the PCT in 2008 until the other fellow decided to change his name.

	Brian Lewis / Gadget

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