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I have a question for hikers, of those that hiked the cdt this year, how many went via the marked trail thru Lordsburg and down/up.  Where do those that hike from Columbus up thru Deming connect to the marked trail?

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The junction you are asking about is found on Jonathan Ley Map NM30J.
This is a little complicated but i will try to explain:
Northbounders on the Columbus route proceed up from Mimbres along Allie Canyon. 
They reach a ridge where they reach a junction (A) can head North along the Black range route or West towards the Gila river route. 
The really confusing part here is that for NoBo's going to the Gila they are actually travelling SoBo along the CDT for the next mile until they reach Black Peak. 
Northbounders from the Lordsburg route will meet Northbounders from the Columbus route on Black Peak.
>From Black peak folks headed for the Gila head Northwest towards Signal Peak.
Lordsburg NoBo folks headed for the Black range route head North from Black peak towards Allie Canyon reaching the junction a mile away listed above (A).
I think i tried to explain this to my buddies before the CDT last year and sure enough we were a little spun around when we reached this junction on the trail.
Further comlicating the matter for Columbus route NoBo's is that the trail up Allie canyon is pretty washed out. 
The saving grace is that for a NoBo Columbus CDT'er the very first CDT emblem you see will be at the junction above Allie canyon.. 
Ironically you then have to head SoBo on the actual CDT for a mile if you are going to the Gila.
It is even more ironic that for SoBo's the situation probably seems straightforward.
I know folks are saying to themselves  "What difference could hiking NoBo or SoBo make?" Until the CDT I did not know myself. The answer is.. A LOT!
The importance of Jonathan Ley map NM30j can not be overstated! 
Long story short, the answer to your question about where Columbus NoBo's meet the marked CDT trail is.. The ridge at the top of Allie Canyon. (On J. Ley NM30j right where the elevation is marked 8118)
By the way.. there is some newly constructed trail headed northbound towards the Black range from this junction so you might not have to follow the road as shown on Jonathan's map


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