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Jeffrey Olson jolson at olc.edu
Mon Nov 29 23:12:45 CST 2010

In 1975 I hiked part of the Tahoe to Yosemite trail and the trail was 
marked every 100 yards or so with five year old surveyors tape tied onto 
pine tree branches 15' above the ground.  I hiked it again in 1996 and 
some of the tape was still there, but so was a trail...

In 2003 or so I hiked north out of Steamboat Springs and lost the trail 
before a big meadows in Wyoming.  I spent half a day going back and 
forth, back and forth to where the last vestige of trail was.  I'd hike, 
trying to see blazes and trail tread.  The trail dropped down a ridge 
and then up another.  Finally I found enough blazes and trusted I was 
headed in the right direction.  That's part of the mythos of the CDT.  
There are still parts where you can get seriously lost and have to dink 
around until you find your way.

Jeffrey Olson
Martin, SD

On 11/29/10 10:04 PM, Doug & Sue wrote:
> The solution to marking the trail is very simple.  All one needs is a spool
> of bright yarn about 3500 miles long.......  No post holes, no digging.  For
> alternate routes off the main route you could use different colors of yarn.
> This is so simple...
> -trew
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